PB Agenda for Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 7pm

7pm at the Town Annex Building Meeting Room located at 39 Central Street
Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 8, 2022 - 7:00pm

Rowley Planning Board meeting on June 8th, 2022 at 7pm to be held in the Town Annex Building Meeting Room located at 39 Central Street:

Meeting Agenda

New Business:

7:00 pm – Preliminary subdivision plan submitted by Jim Decoulas pertaining to 49 Emily Lane, owned by Tompkins Dejardins Trust, also identified as Map/Lot 9-23-24, that consists of .92 acres located in the Outlying (OD) Zoning District.

7:05 pm – Preliminary subdivision plan submitted by Jim Decoulas, pertaining to 43 Daniels Road, Har Ricker Realty Trust (property owner), also identified as Map/Lot 8-51 that consists of 17.29 acres located in the Outlying (OD) and Residential (RD) zoning districts.

Continued Public Hearings:

7:10 pm – Windward Crossing Development (RVOD/Mixed Use) Special Permit/Site Plan Review to application submitted by Harborlight Community Partners (Applicant), to construct a mixed-use village development pursuant to Zoning Bylaw Section 4.15 (Retail Village Overlay District) on property located at 236-240 Newburyport Turnpike also identified as Assessor’s Map 13, Lot 11 and Lot 12-2, consisting of approximately 4.14 acres, located in the Retail (RE) Zoning District and in the Retail Village Overlay District (RVOD).

7:20 pm – Katie Lane Definitive Subdivision (conventional) application for the submitted by Taylor Lane, LLC (Applicant) on property located at 510 Newburyport Turnpike identified as Assessor’s Map 19, Lot 8-4-A, located in the Outlying (OD) Zoning District (Request for continuance)

7:30 pm – Danielsville Road OSRD Subdivision (Special Permit and Definitive Subdivision) Bruce E. Tompkins, Trustee of the Tompkins and the Desjardins Trust, property owner - Map 9, Lot 23 - Outlying (OD) Zoning District.

7:40 pm – 548 Wethersfield Street OSRD (Special Permit/Site Plan Review application) for an Open Space Residential Development located at 548 Wethersfield Street (Map 11, Lot 4), located in the Outlying District (OD) Zoning District (request to be put on hold until further notice).

Other and Administrative Business:

Elmer Palencia Site Plan Review (public hearing closed) - Board deliberations and consideration of approval document – final vote by the Planning Board.

Chapter 61 Status Notice of Intent submitted by Jim Decoulas – for portion of map/lot 9-23, Lot 9-23-24 (49 Emily Lane consisting of .92 acres), Lot 9-23-25 (41 Emily Lane consisting of 1.03 acres), and Lot 11-6 (consisting of 9.4 acres)

Edward Sutherby request for a field correction to the 12 Main Street NEVD development (Ashley Village) for interior (some exterior) reconfiguration of the front, two-family building.

Request from Said Abuzahara, Cindy Lane/Belle Circle developer, for release of remaining subdivision surety.

Update regarding Rowley Solar Facility at 623 Wethersfield Street.

124 Haverhill Street Cell Tower co-location request by Crown Castle on behalf of Dish Wireless for FCC regulations section 6409 exemption.

Thomas Starr update on Climate Futures memorials project

Administrative (Minutes, Invoices, office)