Trail Maps


 Hunsley Hills
Trailhead parking for 5+ cars is available off the eastbound side of Route 133 across from the Rowley Police Department. The hill is a glacial drumlin with 104 acres of woodland trails. There are three well-marked trails that go up the hill and one trail on level ground that heads back toward 133 to Eiras Park. Please keep dogs on a leash. Parking Lot: Opposite 477 Haverhill Street

  Pingree Farm Conservation Area
Parking for 6 cars is available on Boxford Road off Route 133. The property consists of 60+ acres and has two trails as well as a recently constructed boardwalk that provides access to the western parcel and connects to Georgetown-Rowley State Forest. Please keep dogs on a leash. Parking Lot: 29 BoxfordRoad

 Georgetown Rowley State Forest
Parking for 10+ cars is located at the end of Pingree Farm Road off Route 97 in Georgetown - or access from the Pingree Farm parcel (above). The forest consists of 1,000+ acres with an extensive trail network for horseback riding, mountain biking, running, dog walking, and cross-country skiing in winter months. Parking Lot: The end of Pingree Farm Road in Georgetown.

 Arthur Ewell Reservation 
Trailhead parking for 3+ cars is located on the westbound side of Route 133 near Boxford Road. Walk through the open horse field to access the trail. The 30+ acre property consists of fields and white pine stands on Upper Mill Pond. If you visit in spring, you may see otters at the trail edges around the pond. Parking Lot: 843 Haverhill Street

 Hood Pond and Cleveland Farms (
As part of the Willowdale Greater Trails System, this open space provides access to 40 miles of trails, plus Hood Pond. Turnoff parking is available: from Newbury Rd (Rowley/Ipswich townline) and Rowley Rd (Boxford)

 Mehaffey Farm Trail 
4 parking spaces and a woodland trail are available to the public (the farm is private property). Trails connect to the adjacent Willowdale and Cleaveland Farm State Forests. Parking Lot: Opposite 212 Newbury Road

 Rough Meadows
Parking can be found on Patmos Road, off of Route 1A. The wildlife sanctuary boasts 1.6 miles of well- marked coastal woodland and salt marsh trails. Portions of the trail are often wet (pay attention to the tides) but it is a popular area for bird watching. No pets allowed on trails. Parking Lot: Patmos Road

 Prospect Hill 
Parking for 3+ cars available off the eastbound side of Route 133 near Bradford Street. Prospect Hill is the highest point in Rowley. Its four trails are part of the Bay Circuit Trail within a large 90 acre parcel. Parking Lot: 110 Haverhill Street

 Dodge Reservation (see attachment below for trail map)
Parking for 3 cars is available at 390 Wethersfield Street at the YMCA entrance (1a). Parking for 30+ cars is located at Eiras Park off Route 133 (1b). The 200+ acre property has 2+ miles of well-marked trails and fields, with wetland and wooded views. Please keep dogs on a leash. Parking Lot: 390 Wethersfield Street (1a) or 477 Haverhill Street (1b)


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